What Tools We Use

We use a range of tools to help leaders develop the will and skill to learn more from experience, so, ultimately, they “catch themselves” in the act of learning by extracting meaning from every experience. Our tools include:

Deliberate reflection: Overcome “getting stuck” in the same old approaches and “self monitor” how to plan and prepare in real time for unfamiliar situations.

Kaleidoscope: Reach outside the comfort zone, experiment with different approaches and test “what if” alternatives.

Journal: Use a simple MEM framework of reflective questions to extract additional meaning from key experiences by noting take-aways from deliberate reflection as well as additional options introduced by kaleidoscoping and potential themes or patterns. To track progress and identify what works, the leader uses a three-point scale and trend analysis to self evaluate. To test self-evaluations, leaders identify trusted and insightful colleagues who can provide feedback.

Learning models: Identify colleagues who handle first time conditions well—and journal what these leaders do in unfamiliar situations. To strengthen the connection with critical incidents and people in the past, we explore the learning models that leaders have experienced over their careers.

Cascade: Share learning experiences and processes with colleagues and direct reports.

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