What Model We Follow

Take Stock Before Taking Action: We collect data to better understand how a leader learns and develops and what may get in the way. We rely on a critical incident approach to understand the peak learning experiences and where leaders may get stuck. We audit leader experiences and identify critical gaps to leverage what is known about major experiences that differentiate executive performance. To better understand leader beliefs, we explore what early commandments were adopted from parents, teachers and early mentors as truth.

Generate Insights: In this collaborative process we discuss the data gathered while taking stock and generate hypotheses about what it may mean. Throughout the dialogue, we identify relevant themes and patterns that define potential enablers and restrainers for learning. Together, we build an action plan that includes feedback and measuring progress.

Build the Accelerator: We identify specific opportunities to accelerate and sustain development and build the capacity to continuously improve how to lead through new challenges. Mem PartnersAs leaders learn how to make the process of learning from experience matter, they can tackle situations never before encountered with new approaches rather than relying on what may be familiar. In building the accelerator, we help leaders develop an inner coach to teach how to observe and speed learning. As the leader works through situations that are outside the comfort zone, he or she increases the capacity to challenge behavior. This enables the leader to get additional perspective on what is working and not working rather than falling back on old patterns that might derail.

Review Progress: We help leaders ask, “How am I doing at extracting more learning from my experiences? Am I challenging the grain and comfort zone of how I approach problems?” And we help organizations ask, “Are we increasing the number of leaders who can handle uncertainty, complexity and volatility well? Do we have more leaders who are promotable and fully ready?”

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