How We Work

We believe organizations limit their returns if they limit leadership development approaches to building competencies or skills. It is time to help leaders systematically draw more from their experiences.

While other consultants may design leadership and development processes and programs, we work with you to make yours better by leveraging what your leaders experience.

We build on your current work to develop leadership skills and competencies. We challenge you to reduce your investment in standard approaches while systematically leveraging every day and peak experiences.

MEM PartnersWe make experience really matter by increasing your organization’s capacity to identify, cultivate, challenge and support a critical mass of agile learners who rise to the challenges. We believe that learning how to learn from experience does not happen by osmosis. We help build an internal talent generator to drive and leverage the power of continuous experience based development.

Our work follows a four-step model that assumes leaders have the potential to pull more from what they experience. This can only happen when leaders support an organizational culture that relishes and maximizes experience.

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