Who’s On Our Team

Kerry Bunker, Ph.D., a former senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership, is a leading researcher on learning how to learn, author of two books, 40 publications and the popular HBR article, The Young and the Clueless.

Art Gechman, Ph.D., an advisor to executives at companies such as Shell Oil Company and Dow Chemical, is a former C-suite executive for a Fortune World 50 U.S. subsidiary and senior consultant at three leading consulting firms .

Jim Rush, Ph.D., has focused on strategic and organizational transformation. He was the Chief Learning Officer for Marsh, Inc. and the Bank of Montreal and a professor at the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

Joining the partners is Nur Gryskiewicz, Ph.D., senior associate and a pioneering executive coach who delivers services worldwide to Fortune 100 companies and international agencies, including the United Nations.

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