Who We Are

Our story began over 35 years ago when three of us were invited to spend a summer at the Center for Creative Leadership.

We wondered why we had been chosen for what would be a seminal experience in our professional lives. Each day we experienced leading thinkers and reflective practitioners, acquired new skills, new ways of learning, a belief in endless possibilities and a network of friends. This powerful experience helped shape our lives and careers. It was, looking back, an experience that mattered.

MEM PartnersToday, we again work together to help organizations leverage the power of experience-based learning to create effective leaders for times of uncertainty.

Since we first collaborated, some of us have been executives in large organizations, while others have worked as coaches and teachers in executive education and researchers and writers in learning, leadership and change.

No matter the background, we constructively challenge fundamental assumptions and leverage well-regarded research on the lessons of experience.

Our passion to develop leaders who learn through experience brings us back together. We develop innovative approaches to help leaders and organizations draw on the power of experience as a basis for development. Together, as MEM Partners, we bring our common foundation and diversity of approaches to build competence not simply competencies.

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