What We See

Every day business becomes more uncertain, complex and volatile.

In every part of the world, organizations are expecting leaders to have the instincts to maneuver through risk and opportunity, overcome unforeseen circumstances, and willingly embrace ambiguity and change.

But these capabilities are hard, if not impossible, to train. The answer lies in helping leaders learn how to leverage what they experience.

We do more than simply redefine competencies, deliver classroom and online instruction, or coach individuals. Our objective is to accelerate the development of adaptive leaders.

MEM PartnersWe get to the core of how a leader must learn, what a leader must learn, and how an organization’s systems must support learning. That only comes from what leaders experience. In fact, seventy percent of what makes leaders successful comes from their experience – not what they read, presentations they attend, courses they complete, or competencies they master.

That’s why, when we work with leaders to help them develop we focus on experiences that matter to a leader committed to grow and to an organization looking for greater impact.

We focus on how a leader absorbs, retains and changes. We work to overcome barriers that a leader may bring to learning from experience. And we work with organizations to put in systems that will sustain what we accomplish.

To the leader, this means holding more than the ticket to enter or the intelligence, technical skills and motivation to compete or acquiring the people and leadership skills required to “play”. It means learning how to handle first time conditions well and developing the ticket to “win” .

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, some leaders have the experience but miss the meaning. But not the ones who work with us. We make experience matter. And experience is the key to the results your leaders deliver.


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