What People Say About Us

“The essence of how leaders develop and change for the better is directly related to how effectively they really learn from their experiences. MEM Partners have created the next generation of resources to help organizations and individual leaders extract meaning and value from their collective experience.  MEM’s work is pure gold and its utility cuts across the spectrum of talent management processes.”

Ed Betof Ed.D.,  Former World-Wide Vice President of Talent Management and Chief Learning Officer, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and currently, Senior Fellow, The Conference Board


“From a well-accepted but seldom used belief―that business leaders learn from experience― MEM Partners create practical results by teaching leaders how to learn. This well-grounded approach to leader development – ideal for the turbulence that organizations face today – reaches beyond traditional training and development approaches. The top flight people at MEM – whom I have known for more than 35 years – actually deliver what they promise: lasting results for contemporary leaders.”

David P. Campbell, Ph.D., Smith Richardson Senior Fellow Emeritus & former Executive Vice President, Center for Creative Leadership


“Baseball legend Yogi Berra quipped that ‘You can observe a lot by watching…Observing is learning.  If you pay attention, you can learn a lot.’  Yogi’s insight is supported by first-rate research and is the view of most executives.  Now, MEM Partners have found elegant yet simple ways to apply this wisdom.”

Douglas T. Hall, Ph.D., Morton H. & Charlotte Friedman Professor of Management, Boston University

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